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"Common Ground"

Biennale of Venice - Italy

Until 25.11.2012


The most important architectural exhibition in the world take place in  these days in Venice.

The "common" speach about cultural tendencies of our time in the architectural field. They are inspired to the "common" sensorial experiences of the architects in the world affording the nature, the urban ambience, the history, the social tendencies of each location (city, country, theoric/virtual).

The question is: how to afford a new architectural space in a particular country location, following the common sensored-experience of each citizen of a city? Looking at the common nature around us, the common architectural history of our country.


The results is a form of architecture made from different brains but sharing common values, ambience, society.




Ruta del Pelegrino, for instance, is typical example of this efforce to adapt the architecture to a common religious walk to a famous sanctuary in Mexico.

To host several pelegrins in walking, the authors must adapt services, hotels and other structures giving value to the spirit and spirituality of this location, without alterating it.



The Museum of Copying is a typical example of the commitment of the architects to use the neoclassical past history and inspiration to adapt new forms, without forgetting the old shapes in the ambience they work.

The famous "Rotonda" of Palladio in Vicenza (17th Century) has been taken as example for new projects, yet. As "Villa Asta", Liberty (1928) building in Lido di Venezia, in which is set Villa Gabriella B&B and Apartments. Look at the similitudes between the old photo of 1928 here and the right side photo of the structure exposed in the hall of the Biennale!


The Korean city of Uslan is a typical example of the commitment to these shared and common values: the urban land has been remade in a visual way, that allows the old city to have an own identity, not destroyed by the new white omogeneus-neutral modern city in the bottom of the landscape. The cultural level of the memory of the citizens of this city has been preserved.




The Portuguese Aires Mateus, with "Radix", wanted to recall the sensory experience and memory that creates the architectural identity of a building - the Gaggiandre, the covered docks of the Arsenale designed by Jacopo Sansovino in the 16th Century.


Finally, mr. Luca Zevi, the Manager of the italian pavillon in this 55th Biennale of Architecture. A good example of Common Ground in a common work with a lot of design studios. A very nice pavillon to visit!

....Much more than this in a very long trip (it takes in my opinion not less than 4 hours for each part -Giardini+Arsenale) in a tour of the world's contemporary Architecture in a Common Ground of culture, tastes, social needs.

More info about the Biennale here, in the official website!


Edit by: Stefano Calandra - Villa Gabriella B&B Apartments


Villa Gabriella B&B Apartments is not far from the Biennale, 15 minutes walking+vaporetto with a special offer for the Biennale's guests: € 69/night/2 pax with breakfast. Click here to book a room!


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